About Us

Goals HQ is all about Real Help and Real Leadership to develop and maintain corporate sales goals. We are a Software as a Service (SaaS)and desktop-based software development and consulting company that is focused on the most critical element of Sales Management: the creation and use of Goals. We own patent-pending solutions that provide easy-to-use solutions that make goal setting and goals measurement more accurate and sustainable by any company seeking to improve its Sales Performance.

Our products distinctly fall into three areas:

Goal setting

SPIDER (Sales Performance Index Data Event and Reporting) is a web-based product that supports sales goal setting at the Company, Department, Team, and Individual levels. Real-time status is supplied per the frequency elected by the client.

Results analysis

SPEAR (Sales Performance Evaluation Analysis and Reporting) is a desktop analytics suite that provides sophisticated examination of goals results that are easy to apply by a company’s goal administration staff. It uses data created in SPIDER.


We support what we sell with expertise in its usage that goes beyond understanding the software to real assistance in the creation and interpretation of sales goals results.

The reason for Goals HQ and the entire focus of its products is the knowledge that many solutions are being offered chasing a broad concept of the problem of how to increase sales and necessitating significant implementations that are expensive and disruptive but in actuality are incomplete. In contrast, Goals HQ is focused on the single essential element of sales performance: the goal, its status and its result. This focus is exactly the opposite direction of trends in the solutions being provided in the area of sales performance management. Where we see current solutions providing only data gathering and dashboard status services (both of which are useful), Goals HQ provides specific analytics to inform as to the validity and achievability of assigned goals. The broader market for related products has become known as Sales Force Automation (SFA). In fact, we know that salesis a practice that can never be automated. But it can be monitored and understood at deeper levels than previously because of Goals HQ software tools. Goals HQ pinpoints the most essential aspect of Sales Force guidance and governance: the establishment, adherence, reporting, and analysis of goals and their more effective creation and valuation. We leave the broader tasks to the entrenched leaders in SFA, such as Saleforce,com, Netsuite, Infor, Sage, SAP, SalesOutlook, Prophet and Microsoft just to name some. For the services to monitor and understand the dynamics of the practice and use of Goals, we claim to have the best and most complete applications, supporting all organizations who are seeking to continuously improve and win in their industry and amongst their competition.